Live for high heels


This week in class we’ve been working on a receipt to learn about the GST tax. We made a fake store name and fake prices my shop was Live for high heels (because I’m short!) If my shop were a real shop you’d love it because at the bottom of the receipt I added a section called return information and it says working at register Taylor Swift!




Hey guys,

Today my grade and 5G did some measuring with the planets! We were split into groups and each group had a planet before you ask my group had the sun. We would measure how far away Neptune Mars etc…  away from the sun it was a good fun and a enjoyable activity.

Sincerly Lily

My new book!

imageHi guys,

How are you? I’m well. I just want to let you now that I changed Lit circles books! Hurray! The book I was currently reading finished. Now don’t  be sad. I’m reading Eylsium written by Catherine Jinks. This is my group photo up the top! I just got assigned this book and I’m looking forward to reading it.

good bye for now!

Sincerly Lily

Leadership talk with Mrs Montgomery


Today our principal Mrs Montgomery came into our class room to talk about leadership! Here are somethings she said.

* Have a scene of humour

* Before you make any kind of change run it by someone first

* Be intelligent

*Be mentally strong

*Be independent

A question that I asked was do you like the students and the teachers?

Thanks for reading I hope you learned something about being a leader!

Bye bye

Sincerely Lily

A haiku poem for school

Hi guys,

For school we had to write five different haiku poems the topics were Spring, animal, natural disasters, the beach and your own choice I’m going to share one of my poems which will be my own choice and for that I did siblings!


Brother and sister

I love them so very much

we’ll be always be together


that’s all for now Tata!

Sincerly Lily


Global read aloud


How are you, I’m ok. In class we are doing something called global read aloud most primary schools do it and the book we are reading is fish by L.S Mathews.


A child’s family goes to a mystery country( I think it’s Argentina)  to help the people in need. Their country is the next to be at war so they flee to Argentina ( I think it’s Argentina) to be safe. But they can not cross the border. I’ll leave it there so you can read the book yourself.

See you later.

Sincerely Lily


Greensborough Secondary College

Hi guys!

Today Greensborough Secondary College band and choir came to our school to preform a few songs. They were amazing  not one flute or trombone was out of tune! And they let us help with one of there songs up town funk one side of the room did the low notes the other side did the high notes. Well hope to see you and your comments soon bye.

Sincerely Lily

A rhyming poem for school


So today we had to write a poem about anything and I do acting classes outside of school I wrote about acting here’s what I wrote


when your doing a solo it’s very frightening it feels like your being hit by lightning, the audience might disapprove so you need to improve by moving and grooving and in about a week you can give the audience a sneak peek of what there missing!

Hope you liked it feel free to comment below I’d love to here from you guys. Well I hope to here from you soon in the meantime hope you have a nice day and see you later